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Caden is a mentor and certified life coach to our future leaders (ages 8-18). His style works because he is relatable and he has been there. His approach is to be interactive, he leads with his heart & compassion, but also gives some tough love when needed & inspiration for them to take the steps needed for greatness.

  • Communication & Social Interaction:  

  • Healthy Mind & Body

  • Effects & How to Handle Bullies

  • Friendships & Relationship Advice

  • Setting & Smashing Goals

  • Turn Fear into Fuel

  • Build Confidence

  • Peer Pressure

  • Importance of Investing in Yourself

  • Time-Management & Procrastination


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Hands-On Experience

1000+ Hours of 1:1 Coaching

Impacted more than 2500 kids at assemblies & events

Vitt Factor Services

1:1 Customized Coaching
Interactive Group Workshops
Community Events 
School Assemblies



Double Certified

Young, relatable and our message resonates with young people


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"You can struggle, settle or you can SUCCEED.
Once you realize you hold the power to decide. It all changes." 
Caden Vittorini

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Communication & Social Interactions

Caden goes over realistic scenarios to teach, guide & help young people become proficient communicators. He shows them how to connect with others and how to do it with ease.

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Invest in yourself.
Action Over Words.

Set realistic goals.

Have Accountability.

Stay Consistent. 

Give/Receive Tough Love.

Smash your goals!

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Do More. Be More.

Being the 1% means doing what 99% of the people aren't willing to do.

Caden inspires young people to do 1% more each day to become a 1%'er.

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