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I am a mentor and certified life coach to kids and young adults on a variety of topics. My style works because I am relatable, I've been there and I can truly help them. My sessions are interactive, I lead with my heart & compassion, but also give some tough love when needed & inspiration for them to take the steps needed for greatness.

  • Communication

  • Social Interaction

  • How to present yourself & be a stand out. 

  • Fitness & Health

  • Effects & How to Handle Bullies

  • Friendships & Relationship Advice

  • Style & Fashion

  • Setting & Smashing Goals

  • Fear of Failing

  • Build Confidence

  • Time-Management & Procrastination


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                          1-1 Coaching

  • 250 hours of hands on experience!

  • Coached over 500 kids!

  • 1:1 Sessions | Workshops | Events!

"You can struggle, settle or you can SUCCEED. Once you realize you hold the power to decide. It all changes."

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Realistic scenarios to help teach, guide and make you a proficient communicator. I also will show you why it is important to connect with others and how to do it with ease.

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Set realistic goals.


Tough Love.

Smash your goals.

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A healthy body is just as important as a healthy mind. I will help customize a plan to help you reach your goals.

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