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Vitt Factor Testimonials

"Every interaction matters. I go out of my way to make everyone feel like they matter."

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Business Contacts:

"Today's young professionals get tagged with a lot of unfair stereotypes. Hate hard work. Entitled. No ambition or purpose. Can't handle adversity. Well, I can tell you that there's a young pro that wait, blows up the stereotypes. Caden, you may not be in a class by yourself but it certainly doesn't take long to take attendance. You ARE ticketed for greatness."


"At your age, you are INCREDIBLY a stand out. I don't see this type of professionalism and business acumen elsewhere."

"Caden you are well-spoken, high energy and extremely inspiring"

"You are going to do great things for this world. We need more kids your age focusing on this. These kids need a mentor that cares like you."

Kids that I am working with:

"Out of all the mentorships I've done, I really haven't seen any progress at all. If I am being honest, you are the only one teaching me and I want to be like you, but be me."

"I feel way more confident to talk to other kids my age. I also took your advice about joining some clubs to meet new people."

"I am realizing what I am capable of and I have you to thank for believing in me."

"You have literally put me on a path to where I am succeeding and I am seeing results. Thank you for everything. All of those meetings and advice you gave me, I am finally starting to see real progress."

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Parents of my clients:

"Caden you are the absolute best. She had fun, she controlled her nerves and she is on the right track. She really listens to you and respects what you are saying. You are relatable and cool. You really know how to work with teens."

"Caden is incredibly mature and impressive. He has the ability to work with kids and truly relate and understand them. He not only communicates with my son, but also me."

"I am seeing the change in him. He is making new friends and always tells me that he is using all of the tips and advice "Caden" gave him. Thank you so much."

"Caden has helped my son in more ways than I can express. He is more motivated, happier and trying new things."

vf gold stars 3.png
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